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Serving Francophones in Northwestern Ontario

At l'Accueil francophone, we provide assistance to Francophones
who need help navigating the health care system. We provide
interpretation services, free of charge, between French-speaking
clients and their health care professionals.

If you're a health care professional and you want to provide quality services to your Francophone clients, we can assist you by providing interpretation services free of charge.

Health Promotion and Prevention Programs for 55+

We assist 55+ Francophones to increase their knowledge about their health and to improve their quality of life through activities organized by l'Accueil francophone and its partner agencies.

  • French Language Training Reimbursement Program

    The French Language Training Reimbursement Program is available to health care professionals in Ontario who: want to improve their French language skills; have already reached the intermediate level; and have direct contact with patients, clients, families or the public in a health care environment. Please note that funding is limited

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  • Coming Soon - Ontario Tele Medicine Network Interpretation Services

    We're excited to announce that L'acceuil Francophone de Thunder Bay will launch a pilot project in Ignace and Geraldton with the objective of providing interpretation services via the Ontario Tele Medicine Network.

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  • Med Interpret – Free App To Our Interpretation Guide for Health Care Professionals

    Introduction Med Interpret provides quick and easy access to our Interpretation Guide for Health Care Professionals . Med Interpret includes the French equivalents, plus a voice-over function to assist with pronunciation, for medical terms, phrases and questions commonly used in various medical contexts, to assist English-speaking health

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Our Services

  • Interpretation

    Our main focus is to offer interpretation services between French-speaking clients and health care professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, etc. We provide quality interpretation services in a confidential and professional manner. Both clients and health care professionals can access our services free of charge.

  • Support Services

    We provide a variety of support services, such as making and confirming medical appointments, providing follow-up assistance, helping clients to fill out forms, making inquiries on behalf of clients, doing research, finding inexpensive temporary lodgings for out-of-town clients and assisting in any way possible to help French-speaking clients navigate the health care system.

  • Health Promotion

    Francophone seniors are often the most vulnerable segment of the population. We provide services such as coordinating "Friendly visits" in hospitals, offering informational workshops and organizing activities related to improving seniors' health and quality of life.

  • Referrals

    We provide guidance to clients as to who offers what services and where they can access French Language services.

  • Consultations

    We assist health care agencies and community organizations who need assistance in understanding issues related to Francophones.

  • How to access our services

    Access is easy; you can call our office at (807) 684-1940. We encourage both clients and health care professionals to book an interpreter as soon as possible to guarantee our availability.